The Instagram Magic Space: How to Create Instagram Caption Line Breaks

When was the last time you read a huge block of text?

Chances are, you haven't willingly sat through reading a huge block of text on Facebook or Instagram.

Your reader doesn’t want to read a huge blob. You have a couple of seconds to grab their attention with a photo, a few more seconds with a great headline and if you have accomplished both of those things they will want to read more.

However, if you have a huge block of text, no matter how valuable or captivating your copy is they are not going to stick around to read it.

Make it easy on your reader.

How to do the Instagram Magic Space:

Type out your caption.

When you want to have a break in your text, put a period (.) but do NOT put a space after that period.

Now click the “return” key and then click the “return” key again.

*Your caption line breaks will only work if you do NOT put a space after your period and if you hit the “return” key twice (or however much space you would like)*

Now you try!

Go to Instagram, use the caption that you created in the last chapter and post it with the magic space. No worries if you don't want to keep it, simply delete afterwards.