9 Steps to Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

How To Optimize Your Profile

When someone first comes to your Instagram profile, they need to be able to immediately know who you are, what you do and if they fit within your community. Within 5 seconds they should know if your account is for them or if it isn’t.

Your goal should not be to have every single person come to your account follow you. The goal is to build a community that will engage with your content by liking and commenting. It’s far better to have an account at 700 followers and get 600-800 likes per photo and 40+ comments, then a 17k account with photos that only get 200 likes and 5-10 comments.

Your profile is the first impression, make it count. 

Here's how to create an Instagram profile that converts:

  1. Convert to a Business profile

  2. Choose a username that is simple, easy to find or remember and recognizable

  3. Upload a profile picture that is branded (i.e. logo)

  4. Write a stunning and informative bio

  5. Include a call to action (CTA)

  6. Insert a website or a place for users to go from your CTA

  7. Turn on all notifications

  8. Create story highlights

  9. Add all necessary action buttons (i.e. directions, email, phone number, address, etc)

I'll be taking you through all 9 steps on how to implement each action item.

1) Analytics are King (or Queen!)

Switch to an Instagram Business Account

If you currently do NOT have a business Instagram account this section is for you. If not, you can go ahead and move on to the next lesson.

To switch from a personal account to a business account:

  1. From your account profile page, swipe to open up your account settings and features.

  2. At the bottom, you'll see "Settings"

  3. After clicking into your settings go to "Account"

  4. You'll see "Switch to Business Account" at the bottom

  5. Then click "Next" on the page that says "Get an Instagram Business Account"

  6. If you already have a FB page created, connect it now 

    1. If you do not have a FB page created you can click on "Create a New Facebook Page"

      1. If you do this step it will ask for a Page Title and Category 

  7. Ensure that the category for your account is correct, along with a subcategory if it is an option.

Now, you'll be able to see all of your analytics or "insights"

When you access your accounts settings and features page, at the top you'll see "Insights," click that.

At first, you won't have any data, but over the next couple of days to a week, you'll start to have some data available to you.

I recommend taking a look at these numbers several times a week. It is going to tell you the best times to post, the demographics of your audience, what content is performing best, follower count and much more.

2) What’s In A Name?

Simple, Easy, Rememberable.

When optimizing your profile it is very important to choose an Instagram name that is easy for people to remember.

For example, if your business name is "Raleigh Autobody Detailing and Custom Car Wraps," your Instagram name should not be that long. 

Instead, try something along the lines of "Raleigh Detail and Wraps"

Your Instagram handle should also be short, sweet and to the point so people can easily find you

Here is a useful username generator if you are having difficulty thinking of a username handle:


It is very helpful if you can use keywords in your name. If you are a personal trainer in Raleigh, the best handle would be your first and last (since that's your brand. You are your brand) and then in your name section of your bio write “Raleigh Trainer John Doe”

Using searchable keywords in your bio name and your username will help you get discovered but also for easy remembrance and search-ability.

3) Say Cheese!

Logo, Icon or You

Besides a killer username and IG name, having a great logo, icon or regular picture can make a huge difference because these are the first things that people see before they make the decision to click into your account for a better look.

A question you may have is, "Should I use a picture or myself or should I use a logo/icon?"

If you are your own brand, use a headshot of yourself. It needs to have your face clearly visible and easily seen. Stay away from shadows and other objects being in the picture.

If you have a business or a business brand, then use your business logo or icon since that is going to be consistent with the type of content you are putting out.

4) Think “Dating Profile Bio”

You want to make your bio straightforward to the point and speak directly to your niche demographic.

Here is an example of what NOT to do for an Instagram Bio

I love dogs

Hiking is cool

I lift things

Raleigh living….for now

Here is an example of what is a GOOD Instagram Bio


Fitness and Health

I help women get their ideal body through positive empowerment

Why is this a killer bio?

It is straightforward and to the point.

Your visiter knows where you are located so if they are interested in becoming your client they know you’re close to them if they also live in Raleigh.

What is your account? It’s fitness and health. If your visiter is not looking to live a healthy life or isn’t into fitness then you don’t want them following you. You want a niche community that will engage and support.

What do you do? Why do you have this account? Because you help (specifically) women get in shape and you do it with positive empowerment.

You want to speak directly to your ideal client. Attract them by saying “Hey, if you are a women. You’re looking to get in shape. You want your experience to be a positive one. My account is for you.”

The most important part of an Instagram bio is your “I help” statement (if you are service based).

To craft your “I help” statement, speak specifically and directly to what it is you do. Your “I help” statement shouldn’t say “I help get people in shape and create custom meal plans and help make workout plans too.”

Direct and to the point. Speak directly to your ideal prospect in as few words as possible.

Just like a dating profile bio, you want to attract the right type of people. You don’t want to waste your time with people that aren’t going to be a fit.