Helpful Things to Know About the Instagram Algorithm

In 2016, the world changed.

Instagram’s world that is. They changed away from a chronological feed to an algorithmic one that studies, learns and curates content based on behaviors.

If you’re rolling your eyes, trust me, I get it. I’m sick of talking and hearing about the algorithm too.

But listen up.

How does Instagram make money?

By selling ads.

Businesses advertise on Instagram (and Facebook) because that’s where everyone’s attention is at. The more time that you and I spend on Instagram and Facebook, the more ads they can sell. Essentially: more time = more advertising money.

The algorithm is designed to maximize the time everyone spends on IG.

Explains why it’s so addictive doesn’t it?

However, Instagram also rolled out new features such as stories and carrousel posts. When new features come out the algorithm will prioritize featuring these types of posts to encourage adoption.

Here are some known factors that influence the IG algorithm:

  • Engagement: how many likes, comments, views, shares, saves and DM’s

  • Relevancy: the type of content or genre you like and interact with most

  • Relationships: your IG “BFFs” and anyone else you interact with often

  • Timeliness: how recent is the post

  • Content-Type: picture, gallery, video?

For many of us were used to thinking of the algorithm as the order of posts.

Throw out that way of thinking right now.

In 2019, you should be thinking about the IG explore page which is ultimately the key to the city. If you can play WITH the algorithm and reverse engineer the explore page, your content will go big, fast. Think “viral content.”

Which is why hashtags are so important and help get you where you want to go faster then if you went without them.