3 Pillars To Your Content You Must Know Before Creating Content

Plan Out Your Content:

Now that you know who you want in your community, have developed the perfect personas and locked down your personal brand it’s now time to get thinking about your content. 

Here are 3 pillars to always keep in mind while developing your account:

  • Consistency

  • Trust/Transparency/Intimacy (this also means value)

  • Cross-Pollination

Let’s talk about what each of these means:

  • Consistency:

    • Your content always needs to be relevant to your audience and potential new followers. The only way to do that is to constantly post. When someone comes to your page they should easily tell that you are putting out information (content that matters to them). Your goal should be to post once per day (I do not recommend posting more than twice per day because it will decrease your engagement percentage). 

  • Trust/Transparency/Intimacy:

    • Your followers, and potential new followers, need to see you as an authority figure in your space/niche. They need to know that you know what you are talking about. Having a level of intimacy with your audience is very important, it means that it is a safe place for them to express their interests, ideas, concerns, fears, goals and more. If you have the trust of your niche/community/following/audience, you’ll make sales so fast you wouldn’t believe. Developing trust often holds hands with providing value. If you are a dog trainer, sharing tips and advice shows you as an authority and provides value. If you are a consultant, share information that may help your ideal customer-it shows you as an authority figure and provides value.

  • Cross Pollination:

    • Cross-pollinating is in reference to audiences on Instagram. When you effectively cross-pollinate, you’ll grow your following at a rapid pace. To cross-pollinate, collaborate or get re-posted onto another page that is in the same niche as you. If you are a personal trainer, create content with another personal trainer. Their audience already trusts them, and therefore will trust you as well. Not only will you grow your following, but you’ll also have created content and provided new followers with someone you collaborated with as well. 

You need to make a committment to yourself first. Are you committed to posting consistent content?

Here’s How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

Depending on your type of account your content posting can look slightly different. Here is a basic layout I like to work within so I am able to come up with content ideas seamlessly:

  • Sunday: Share a personal story (share something that will develop a relationship with your followers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your product or service. This is just an opportunity to be transparent and to develop intimacy)

  • Monday: Personal opinion (what is something you are passionate about. Maybe it's polarizing. That’s OK if it’s polarizing, the people that agree with you are going to stick with you even more. This is how you create a strong community).

  • Tuesday: Teach something (give some sort of value to your followers. If it’s makeup, teach something that a lot of makeup users don’t know like how to clean brushes. If you are a personal trainer, teach how to weigh out food properly)

  • Wednesday: Pain or struggles (shed light on a common pain point or struggle that your ideal customer has. Show them that you know what it’s like to be in their shoes and that they don’t have to be because you have the answer to their suffering)

  • Thursday: Call to action (tactfully sell yourself and services. Share some feedback you got from yesterday’s post. Call them to action. It needs to be specific action: “Click the link in my bio and download the free PDF” “Go to my story and swipe up to apply”

  • Friday: Your lifestyle (this is showing your audience not only a backstage look at your life which develops a sense of trust but also shows them that whatever pain they are going through they don’t have to live with it. They can live like you are living).

You do not have to use the same frame that I used above.

Some other content ideas are:

- Reviews

- User-Generated Content

- Recent Events

- Happening Around Town

- Contests

- Holidays

- Answer To Commonly Asked Questions

- Links To Free Resources

- New Hires 

- Share Company Culture

- Inspirational Quote

- Case Study

- Share Survey Results